Huck Finn Day

Sunday, August 27th

Huck Finn Brunch
9am – 11:30am
Adults $10, Kids $5, Under 2 years old — free
Members & guests welcome
Menu: Southern Style French Toast, Country Fresh Eggs, Sausage Gravy & Biscuits, Cheese Grits, Brown Sugar Bacon, Pork Sausage, Fresh Fruit, Yogurt Cereal & Bagels Coffee Tea & Juices

Snapper Derby
(bait provided)
10:30am – 11:30am

Huck Finn Look-A-Like Contest, Raft Race, and Field Day Activities
11:30am +

Huck Finn Raft Race Rules

  • All rafts must be homemade.  Rafts can be constructed from cardboard, pool noodles, inner tubes, barrels, or any other buoyant material.
  • No rafts will be allowed with more than 4 crew members- Max age for crew member is 18 years old.
  • Life Jackets must be worn by non-swimmers.
  • Horsepower for propelling rafts must be provided by muscle, wind, or waterpower.  Each team must provide their own paddles. Store bought paddles are allowed.
  • All Captains and their crew must remain aboard their registered vessel for the entire duration of the Race.
  • The name of the boat must be displayed proudly.
  • Decorations and props that DO NOT ADD to the buoyancy of the boat are allowed and encouraged.
  • All boats will be inspected by judges to make sure they meet building criteria. All judges’ decisions are final.
  • Boats will be judged on speed, creativity, and originality.

Raft Awards

Titanic Award – The boat that sinks the fastest and/or has the most dramatic sinking. Remember the captain always goes down with his/her ship!

Creativity/ Originality  Award – Best Homemade Raft

Overall Winner – This goes to the boat that reaches the  finish line the fastest.