Apply for Membership

Membership Application

New members are required to be sponsored by two current members of the club (sponsors).

Please download, print and fill out the application. Please contact your sponsor to continue the application process. 

If you are a member and have friends or family for whom you believe would be strong prospective members of the BYC encourage them to join us and become members of the BYC.

Here are the steps that are required:
1. Download and complete an application form.
2. Seek the endorsement of two BYC members. Each member must be a BYC member for at least two years.
3. Each sponsoring member must write a letter of recommendation on behalf of the applicant.
4. Send all the completed documents together to
5. You or your sponsors will be contacted by the admissions committee to set up a brief interview. (Both sponsors must be present for the interview)
6. After the interview, the applicant will be posted either in the newsletter or via an email to the BYC Members, inviting any comments regarding the prospective member. Members will have one week to offer comments.
7. After the comment period, the Board will vote at its next meeting to accept or reject the applicant for probationary membership.
As you can imagine, these steps can be quite time consuming. If you have neighbors or friends with whom you have spoken about joining the club, NOW is the time to begin the process.
There are usually plenty of questions. I am happy to discuss any aspects of club membership with any prospective members. Simply address questions to