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Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in The Babylon Yacht Club. We are excited to have you and your family as prospective members at the all-volunteer, nautical, social, family-oriented, seasonal club.

The Babylon Yacht Club is a private club. Prospective members must be sponsored by two current members of the club who have been members in good standing for a minimum of three (3) years. Membership is granted by the Board of Governors following an application and interview process*.

If you are a member and have friends or family who would be strong prospective members of The Club, please encourage them to join us and become members of the BYC.

Begin your APPLICATION by filling out THIS ONLINE FORM. When you click SUBMIT on the Google Form, your application will be sent directly to the Admissions Committee.

*The BYC Constitution addresses parameters for sponsorship and probationary membership in Article XIII, paragraph No. 2:
2. The application of each candidate for membership must be proposed and seconded in writing and signed by two Club members neither of whom shall be a member of the Board of Governors. The proposal must be completed in detail, containing the full name, address, occupation, general qualifications, etc. for membership of the candidate, and must be sent to the Admissions Committee. In all cases the persons proposing and seconding a candidate for membership each must write a letter to the Club setting forth the personal qualifications of the applicant which letter shall accompany the written proposal, and also, they shall arrange for a personal interview of the candidate by at least two members of the Committee on Admissions. A member proposing or seconding a candidate for membership must have been an approved member in good standing for at least three complete years as at the date of nomination. The first year to be included in such calculation of eligibility to propose or second a nomination being the year in which the member had a Membership class approved before August 1 of that year. No member shall propose or second more than two candidates in any one calendar year.
*The BYC Constitution addresses parameters for probationary membership in Article XIII, paragraph No. 6:
6. All applicants elected to any category of membership shall be probationary members for a period of one year unless expressly extended by the Board of Governors. At the end of the first year of probationary membership, or such extended period set by the Board of Governors in its sole and absolute discretion, each such probationary member shall either be converted to the ordinary class of membership applied for or denied membership by vote of the Board of Governors. In the event of conversion to ordinary membership, the member’s date of election to the Club shall be the date of election to probationary membership. In the event the Board of Governors does not elect any probationary member to the ordinary class of membership applied for, the probationary membership shall cease at the end of the first year, or such other extended period set by the Board of Governors, the initiation fee shall be refunded, and the probationary member shall not be eligible for membership in the Club.

Following application submission, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Seek the endorsement of two BYC members. Each member must be a BYC member for at least three (3) years.
  2. Each sponsoring member must write a letter of recommendation on behalf of the applicant.
  3. Send the letters of recommendation to or mail to the P.O Box listed on the application form.
  4. You or your sponsors will be contacted by the admissions committee to set up a brief interview. (Both sponsors must be present for the interview.)
  5. After the interview, the applicant will be posted either in the newsletter or via an email to the BYC Members, inviting comments regarding the prospective members. Members will have one week to offer comments.
  6. After the comment period, the Board will vote to accept or reject the applicant for probationary membership and notify the applicant thereafter.

These steps can take some time so now is a great time to begin the process. If you have any questions about the process or about The Babylon Yacht Club to see if it is right for you and your family, please reach out to us at

Thank you and we hope to see you at the Club.